About Me

Welcome to CosmoLaunch! A module where you can launch yourself beyond the dimensions of time and space! CosmoLaunch is my diary of the Universe.

My picture

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hari Sudhan, and I am passionate about Aerospace technology, Astronomy, and Space exploration.

Formally an Aerospace Engineering student, I am doing my second year in the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I took Aerospace Engineering because I am passionate about Airplane and rocket technology. As a consequence, my curiosity in Propulsion systems and flight mechanisms of aircraft and launch vehicle has skyrocketed.

I also love writing scientific blogs, but my work as an Aerodynamics Engineer in Team Avishkar Hyperloop and my academics entirely consumed my schedule. As a result, I wasn’t able to publicize them. Also, I am a Content writing intern for Spaceonova, a space education platform.

The Birth of CosmoLaunch

The onset of COVID – 19 led to the idea of creating a personal blog website. Also, I aim to spread scientific knowledge and awareness among the enthusiastic masses. I always look for ways to compare the principles of life with the concept of space science. Moreover, I am free without plenty of academic work. My approach is to learn along with you simultaneously. I plan to develop CosmoLaunch into a diary of the Universe. This diary would accumulate information regarding its structure. 

My Interests and Hobbies

One of my highest aspirations is to learn how to build a rocket. Consequently, I can move on to plan a space mission. This learning sequence will enable me to ponder the possibility of alien life, though it may be microbial. I also wish to find more about dark matter and energy. It might bring me closer to comprehend why and how the Universe expands.

I am a person who loves to plow through scientific stuff. I love to imagine different possible events across the Universe (or Multiverse, who knows!) that could happen from time to time. The movie Interstellar was one of the primary factors that fueled my desire to do space research. My other hobbies include reading articles/blogs about space science, science fiction novels. Also, I adore stories of any genre that truly deserve recognition.

A diary always consists of stories. What good is the diary of the Universe without science fiction stories? In fact, my first post will be resemble a  science fiction autobiography.

In CosmoLaunch, I am planning to write on topics ranging from the big bang to the death of the Universe. Moreover, I want you all to accompany me in my journey from Earth to intriguing celestial phenomena. We are going to leap onto different areas of space discipline and explore the possibility of life. Additionally, we shall take note of Humanity’s technology to explore the Cosmos in this diary of the Universe.

I have nothing but gratitude for my family members who have supported me till now. I am especially grateful to my father (Prabakaran), who guided me to launch this website. Thanks in advance to everyone who will support me in the future!

Contact Details

Do you wish to discuss identical interests or space science in general?

If yes, you are welcome to shoot an email to info@cosmolaunch.com.

Feel free to look at my LinkedIn profile if you wish to know more.

Exploration is to curiosity as space is to place, as eternity is to time.

Believe in this quote to have an enjoyable experience in CosmoLaunch and become a true Cosmonite!